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April 8th - 2014 'Better Living with an EV' Podcast on KVSF 101.5 -
I was interviewed on the Tuesday morning show 'Doing Business Better' by Glenn Schiffbauer. We talked about the benefits of EVs, both environmentally and financially... and then got into the additional benefits of powering an EV with your own PV system rather than utility coal/nuclear power.

Oct. 8th - 2013 Podcast on KVSF 101.5 -
I was interviewed on the Tuesday morning show 'Doing Business Better' by Glenn Schiffbauer. We talked about DIY conversions of vehicles to all-electric.

April 26, 27, 28 - 2013 SolarFiesta at SFCC -
'Zappy', my electric Swift was parked out at SFCC for all the festivities friday thru sunday, AND I drove my electric Miata out Saturday afternoon for show and tell.

coming soon.... I'm going back to private Consulting and local Services in Santa Fe, NM. Check back toward the end of Sept 2020 for an updated website...

The plan is to offer the following services:

  • Solar Inspections for Realtors/Homeowners to help determine fair value of existing Solar in Real Estate transactions. I can do a physical inspection, and write up a report usually same-day noting current condition, expected output, and ballpark future value based on make, model, and warranties of existing equipment.

  • Consulting with Architects, Homeowners, Builders to help design and size Solar PV to meet design energy loads with modern Heating/Cooling, and domestic hot water needs in new construction.

  • Consulting/Design/Installation for DIY off-grid projects; including solar lighting, gates, pond pumps, fountains, Battery Backup systems for power outages or camping, and possibly even RVs, campers, and tiny house applications. We can collaborate, and you can do as much of the project as you'd like!

  • Conversion/Repair/tuning of e-bikes... I can convert your old bike/trike into an e-bike if you'd like a little help on those longer rides, tune/repair, or help shop for and replace old battery packs.

  • Misc. do-it-yourself project assistance for things like summer Solar shades on windows, raised bed gardens, off-grid greenhouses.... and who knows what else!

    My goals for EnviroKarma, LLC are to provide useful information and services to help individuals reduce their carbon footprints, water use, and 'be green'.
    Dan Baker


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